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Ferrari has been producing cars for road and track for over fifty years, combining passion, design, and technological perfection. Among their numerous award-winning machines, perhaps the most popular model is the GTO "Grand Turismo Omologato." Offering drivers the performance of a competitive racing car (Ferrari originally intended only to build cars for the tracks) with the impeccable handling and comfort of a practical street vehicle, it is no wonder the Ferrari GTO is one of the most sought after collector cars today. The legendary Testa Rossa and Spyder also peak the interest of collectors around the world.

This stunning 250GTO clone was created by using only correct and original Ferrari components. Chassis, correct engine type and complete drive train were used to recreate a clone to the original 250GTO #4115 by the owner of that original 250GTO. The total cost of producing this perfect recreation was approximately $1,500,000 which proves the high quality and authenticity of the car. It is by far the very best high quality recreation of a 250GTO we have ever seen. The owner used to drive this clone at many vintage track events and races as he did not wish to jeopardize his original 250GTO. A protest by other competitors lead to the car not being accepted in any vintage race event as the original 250GTO which identity it was meant to carry. This perfect clone is now available for sale and can be raced again with new and current FIA paperwork. A correct GTO type engine promises high performance. The car is fast and handles extremely well.
It is in perfect condition, runs and drives excellent and can be used at many historic racing, rally and touring events as the car has FIA paperwork.

The Ferrari 330GTS is considered by many to be the classic Ferrari which offers most driving fun. Handling and performance of the 4.0 Liter V12 powered Ferrari are superb. Only 99 were built in total and they are of great demand as they very rarely change hands.
We have sold this specific car here six years ago and it is now available for sale again. It is most likely the 330GTS with the lowest original miles and needless to say that the car has the original, matching numbers engine. The car has covered just 16,000 miles since new. The original, complete toolkit is in the car. It is fitted with a set of 5 new Borrani wire wheels and a correct new Ansa exhaust. This beautiful Ferrari 330GTS is located in Europe with EU duty and VAT paid allowing tax free import into any EU country.
A very rare opportunity to purchase this classic Ferrari which will, without any doubt, be a lot of driving fun as well as solid long term investment.

1953 Ferrari 375MM Pininfarina Spyder
1954 Ferrari 375 America Vignale Cupe
1956 Ferrari 250GT Boanao Alloy Competizione
1956 Ferrari 500TR
1961 Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder
1963 400 Superamerica
1964 Ferrari 250 LM
1964 Ferrari 250GT Lusso
1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Alloy N.A.R.T.
1967 Ferrari 275GTS
1967 Ferrari 330 GTC
1973 Ferrari 246GTS Dino Spyder
1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Coupe
1983 Ferrari 512BBi
2007 Ferrari 599GTB
Ferrari 512BB
Ferrari 575 Superamerica, new
Ferrari F50 (Euro)

If the car you are looking for is not listed, Mr. Hamann will be happy to locate it for you. Please fill out the Buyers Form with your specifications and Mr. Hamann will contact you shortly. Please visit our inventory to view a full list of available vehicles.


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