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Welcome to Thomas Hamann's Rare and Exotic Automobiles. You have just made the first step toward owning the vehicle of your dreams. Whether you are a first-time buyer with dreams of owning your first collector car or an established collector seeking the perfect addition to your showroom, we will help you find a vehicle efficiently and conveniently. Mr. Hamann's experience as a dealer and broker of classic, vintage, and exotic collector cars for sale will work to your advantage.

Mr. Hamann has contacts with an infinite list of sellers from around the world, including strong relationships with the biggest players in exotic, vintage, and classic collector cars. When these cars come up for sale, Mr. Hamann is there to broker the deal. He arranges shipment all over the world, and always deals at the fair market value.

For new buyers, Mr. Hamann assures a painless and surprisingly easy process, offering expert advice in selecting your first purchase among vintage, exotic, and classic collector cars for sale. But Mr. Hamann does have one warning for new buyers, "It is an incurable passion, and that entry-level automobile might very well become the foundation of your own classic car collection-just the beginning to making your automobile dreams come true."

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